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Discover unlimited potential, harness the energy of vortexes, and quantum leap with a small group of people (7-8). Leave feeling transformed and limitless.

About your stay

Sedona Ellin’ offers a peaceful and comfortable setting on a private, spacious 1 acre lot that is conveniently situated in West Sedona.

June 10

4PM 🧳 Early check-in
Rooms are ready by 4pm, should you arrive early.
6PM 🧳 Check-in
Guest orientation session.
6:30 🍴 Dinner
Restaurant or order-in.
7:30 ♨️ Unwind
Jacuzzi, star gazing.
8:30 πŸ•‰οΈ Intention setting
Tea ceremony and Leela game.
10:30 πŸŒ™ Quiet hours

To avoid scorching Arizona sun (and to fit as much as possible into our time here), our days will begin early.

June 11

6:45 🌞 Wake up
7AM 🍴 Breakfast
Individual Meditation.
8AM ⛰️ Hike
Intuitive Messages & Spiritual Healing.
11AM 🍴 Lunch
Explore Sedona and Crystal gift shops.
1PM 🧘 Circle time
“How to always be in your power, read auras, protect your energy.”
2PM ✨ Group Hypnosis
Leela game/Family Constellation therapy.
5PM ⛰️ Hike
Breathing therapy, Somatic Release Therapy.
7PM 🍴 Dinner
8PM ♨️ Unwind
Jacuzzi, star gazing.
10:30 πŸŒ™ Quiet hours

Be sure to prepare: hiking boots, backpack, water bottle, hat, sunscreen, yoga mat, blanket, and layers – it'll be cold in the early morning.

June 12

6:45 🌞 Wake up
7AM 🍴 Breakfast
Individual Meditation.
8AM ⛰️ Hike
Intuitive Messages, Spiritual Healing feat. local shaman.
11AM 🍴 Lunch
Reflection and Integration/free time.
1PM 🧘 Circle time
Sharing the experience/quiet or nap time.
2PM ✨ Group Hypnosis
Leela game/Family Constellation therapy.
5PM 🍴 Dinner
8PM πŸͺ˜ Sound Healing
Star ceremony @ sacred location.
9:30 πŸ”₯ Closing ritual
Fire ceremony, jacuzzi, star gazing.
10:30 πŸŒ™ Quiet hours

What to expect: vortex energy healing, breathing exercises, cacao ceremonies, sound healing, aromatherapy, meditation, tarot cards, sadhu nails, and much more!

June 13

6:45 🌞 Wake up
7AM 🍴 Breakfast
Individual Meditation.
8AM 🧳 Packing
9AM ⛰️ Hike
Intuitive Messages, Spiritual Healing.
12PM 🍴 Lunch
Reflection & Integration/free time.
1PM 🚌 Drive to PHX
3:30 πŸ‘‹βœˆοΈ

Many find my mini online Healing Circles as the least time consuming, life altering events one can attend. Those who wish to dive deeper always join my in-person Healing Circles and the feedback is always overwhelmingly positive.

"Reconnecting with Your Higher Self" retreat is the ultimate combination of practices, location, and setting for self discovery and transformation.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on June 10th!

– Venera


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βœ”οΈ What's included

  • Lodging
  • Group transportation
  • Shamanic sound healing experience

❌ What's not

  • Flights
  • Food

πŸ—ΊοΈ Sightseeing

Residence address:
135 Mission Road, Sedona, AZ

Adobe Jack Trailhead – 1.1 miles
Sugarloaf Trailhead – 1.1 miles
Airport Mesa Vortex – 1.3 miles
Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park – 1.8 miles
Soldier Pass Trailhead – 1.9 miles
Cathedral Rock Trailhead – 5.8 miles

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village – 2.2 miles
Sedona Heritage Museum – 2.9 miles
Chapel of the Holy Cross – 5.6 miles