Discover the fascinating library of the Akashic Records.

With their help get to know yourself better, learn to protect and heal yourself and others, get answers to important questions, uncover hidden talents and gifts, and activate your deepest potential.


Lesson 1

Introduction to the Akashic Records

πŸ“… April 27, 2024

1 πŸ“œ What are the Akashic Records.
2 πŸ“œ How to cleanse your energetic space.
3 πŸ“œ Grounding.
4 πŸ“œ How to raise your vibrations to enter the Records.
5 πŸ“œ We are getting attuned to the library of our souls.
6 πŸ“œ How to ask questions correctly.
7 πŸ“œ Methods of obtaining information.
8 πŸ“œ We receive the first messages and downloads.

Lesson 2

Limiting programs of the subconscious

πŸ“… May 5, 2024

1 πŸ“œ Subconscious, Spirit, Soul.
2 πŸ“œ How to find limiting programs of the subconscious mind.

Lesson 3

Energy healing

πŸ“… May 11, 2024

1 πŸ“œ Finding limiting programs using a muscle test.
2 πŸ“œ Getting to the root causes of limiting programs in the Akashic Records.
3 πŸ“œ Working with a pendulum.
4 πŸ“œ Healing limiting programs with the help of Akashic Records.

Lesson 4

Opening the Records for others, Crystals, Practicing Healing

πŸ“… May 18, 2024

1 πŸ“œ Crystals and their benefits for healing.
2 πŸ“œ How to open Akashic Records using crystals.
3 πŸ“œ Opening another person’s Alashic Records.
4 πŸ“œ Let's practice Healing.

Lesson 5

Types and characteristics of souls

πŸ“… May 25, 2024

1 πŸ“œ Types of souls.
2 πŸ“œ Types of souls according to the evolution of the soul, we determine our type, characteristics, strengths.

Lesson 6

Main roles, purpose, contracts

πŸ“… June 1, 2024

1 πŸ“œ Main roles, Characteristics and Purpose of souls.
2 πŸ“œ Soul mates, Contracts.

Lesson 7

What does it mean to be a Creator and how to embody it? Introduction to Vipassana and practicing it; Enlightenment.

πŸ“… June 8, 2024

Lesson 8

Dormant DNA strands activation, Graduation

πŸ“… June 15, 2024

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  • Candles
  • Pendulum
  • Crystals


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